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When wrist extension is performed with the fingers straight or just the MCP joints extended, the extensor digitorum communis EDC or long wrist extensor tries to pull the wrist back.

Performing wrist extension with the fingers in a full fist is a good exercise is important to retrain and strengthen the short wrist extensors. Step-by-step repetition of the normal mechanics of making a fist is key to restoring full motion.

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Exercises should be done slowly to assure each component motion is achieved fully and is maintained as the next motion is added. Start in a position of full finger and wrist extension as possible. The importance of therapy working to restore forearm supination after a wrist fracture is best appreciated by the person who has lost or restricted supination.

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Secure one end of a hand or kitchen towel in a closed door. Standing in front of the door, holding the other end and, using both hands, twist the towel until it is tight. Standing with the arm bent and firmly pressed against the body, grasp the towel with the forearm pronated palm down and the wrist straight. Turn into supination and back into pronation for several repetitions. This exercise encourages full fisting and supination and gives a visual cue to the degree of supination achieved.

Over time, the towel can be twisted tighter for resistance and strengthening. Are you a Patient or Consumer? Checkout the Oh My Arthritis Blog with helpful information on how to live your best life with arthritis and other health conditions. Search our blog. Download link: Download ebook.

Wrist Surgery, Tricks of the Trade by Mark E. Baratz | | Booktopia

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