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Read more Read less. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. October 9, - Published on Amazon.

Memories of Mars - Steam Charts

Verified Purchase. This is the first science fiction story by Raymond F. Jones I have ever read, so I don't know if it is typical of his work; but if it is, I am amazed his SF is not better known. Simply put, this terrifying novelette is one of the most powerful pieces of short SF I have read in quite some time.

Originally published in Amazing Stories in , this story seethes with a surrealistic sense of paranoia that reminds me very much of Philip K. Dick at his best. In fact, the plot of this story has very marked similarities to a famous story Dick wrote several years later.

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I won't say which one, to avoid spoilers. Tom Shippey wrote in a recent review in the Wall Street Journal of a book by Tim Powers that "[m]ost fantasy authors aim at persuading you of the reality of their invented worlds. Powers makes you doubt the reality of your own. March 27, - Published on Amazon. Dated, but, a good SF read from a person that seems to fallen from SciFi history.

I would recommend the book.. Jones wrote the original book that the movie is based on.

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Given the time when this was originally written, it is definitely very original. May 8, - Published on Amazon. OMG this is a great short story with a fantastic twist at the end. Prior to , Utopia Planitia was built on Mars. The Martian colonies were established in The Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies were passed in or around this date.

Memories of Mars Official Dev Diary: Welcome to Mars

These colonies evolved into domed cities. In an alternate timeline , created by Jonathan Archer being infected by interspatial parasites , the Xindi destroy Earth in and then all other Human settlements, including Mars, Alpha Centauri , and Vega colony. ENT : " Twilight ". As of the mid- s Humans installed a verteron array to redirect comets toward the polar caps for the purpose of terraforming.

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ENT : " Terra Prime ". In Mars was the intended destination of a vacation being planned by Michael Burnham and her family. The vacation was delayed because of a pending supernova. In , James T. Kirk argued in favor of having Sargon and his companions take over the bodies of the crew, and emphasized the benefits that it might possibly have on mankind, he explained, " they used to say if man could fly, he'd have wings. But he did fly. He discovered he had to. Do you wish that the first Apollo mission hadn't reached the moon or that we hadn't gone on to Mars or the nearest star?

In , Mars served as the launch point for the colony ship SS Artemis. In , this was the destination of several individuals via commercial transports. TNG-R : " Inheritance ", okudagram. In , on stardate In that year, a painting of Mars and its moon, Deimos , was seen in guest quarters on the Enterprise-D.

TNG : " Heart of Glory ". Prior to , the Daystrom Institute of Technology established a branch of their institute on this planet. TNG : " Booby Trap ", okudagram. In an another alternate timeline, Mars of was affected by the death of Gabriel Bell in DS9 : " Paradise Lost ". A backup version of The Doctor corrected this error. VOY : " Living Witness ". As the first Human colony on Mars was established in , the Fundamental Declarations of the Martian colonies were an important step in the pursuit of individual rights. Among the first colonists were relatives of Jean-Luc Picard.

Mars was also an important part in the defense of the Sol system and the location of the Mars Defense Perimeter. Mars was the first planet to be terraformed by Humans.

The Memory of Mars

Colonists originally dwelt within domed cities while the verteron array was used to redirect comets and asteroids towards the Red Planet to impact in the polar caps. This freed carbon dioxide and released it into the atmosphere , increasing the planet's temperature and water volume. By , conditions in the lowlands of the Martian surface were sufficiently altered to allow Humans to roam freely without heavy environmental suits though one would still have to dress warmly for the near-arctic surface temperatures.

Mars was often featured in science fiction stories of the 20th century. In the s , the science fiction magazine Incredible Tales of Scientific Wonder featured several stories referencing Mars, e. In , Benny Russell met a vendor in Harlem who found "men from Mars" to be unrealistic.

A product known as " Mars Toothpaste ", based on the name of the Roman god, was manufactured on the fourth planet of the System in TOS : " Bread and Circuses ". An illusory version of Mars was originally to have featured in the first Star Trek pilot, " The Cage ", with "an almost fairybook vine-covered cottage on one of the rural can-farms of Mars. The Making of Star Trek , pp. In a filmed but deleted Kirk voice-over which originally introduced the second pilot " Where No Man Has Gone Before ", Mars was mentioned by Kirk as one of multiple "specks of dust" while the Enterprise was on a heading out of the Milky Way Galaxy.

During the early days of Star Trek , new writers repeatedly pitched story ideas that sent the Enterprise to Mars. In , Gene Roddenberry stated, " We have instructed all of our writers that Mars must be avoided. It's not far-out enough for us. Our time period is years from now. By that time, Mars will already have parking lot problems from Human colonists.

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The Enterprise flying by a planet which bears striking resemblance to Mars during the TOS -opening credits of the remastered versions. The remastered versions of Star Trek: The Original Series show the prominent red planet familiar from the original opening sequence to bear striking resemblance to Mars. Indeed, the producers used real photographs of Mars as textures for this computer-generated shot, showing a large canyon, which was in fact one of the most famous landmarks on Mars: "Valles Marineris", the deepest and longest canyon in the entire Sol system.

Furthermore, the large cloud formation lies directly over the "Tharsis plateau", which is a region of increased cloud formation on Mars, too. If the producers really intended the planet to be Mars remains unknown so far. However, the color of its atmosphere glows pink near the day-night boundary, which would contradict this theory, as the Martian atmosphere appears blue during sunrise and sunset.

On the other hand, this change of color could be a byproduct of terraforming.