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The enigma called the Chinese market
  1. The quest for good design
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  3. The Mysterious Student, Dieter Rams, and Cracking Global Markets
  4. The Mysterious Student, Dieter Rams, and Cracking Global Markets - Chargebee’s SaaS Dispatch

Jonathan Ive did just that. He went to the lengths and depths of tweaking every minute element of his products. IKEA gets that. Their country-specific websites are completely different from each other; they are anything but cloned.

The quest for good design

Before entering a new country, IKEA would send their massive team of enthusiastic curious thinkers to almost every nook and corner of the region, to conduct an extensive research on their lifestyle and furniture preferences. Such stark differences. The Japanese website has a carousel slider on top, employs less copy and more images, is bright and colorful, and has an easy-going air around it. On the other hand, the Netherlands website focuses more on content, no carousel slider hence no movements , and has a well-structured, formal layout.

Anthropologist Edward T.

Now, go back to the screenshot. Notice how the Netherlands page has a person involved in an individual activity, and how the grouped items on the Japanese page induces a communal feeling.

Editors' Picks

By , they were supporting 17 languages and 28 currencies. And to achieve such a strong global presence, they had to glocalize every minute aspect of their websites, pricing, and payment methods. However, it is not just their website design that had to be changed for every region.

For instance, Tobaccowala recalled how their USP for recruitment in the US — the fact that employees loved working there — failed to resonate with the Russian audience. The research revealed that about 9 out of 10 buyers preferred products which have been adapted to their local markets; they were more likely to buy products with the product information in the local language, and with the interfaces localized.

The Mysterious Student, Dieter Rams, and Cracking Global Markets

Pipedrive grew from 0 to 10, paying customers in just five years. Among those multiple hacks that have been attributed to this rapid growth, their localization strategy holds a prominent spot. With an independent team set up for localization, Pipedrive went one step further.

Apollo astronauts, including Apollo 11's Michael Collins , also reported seeing unusually bright areas while orbiting our natural satellite. A crater can be seen, and the area around the crater is quite bright. The new lunar telescope, north of Seville, Spain, includes two cameras that watch the moon every night for the odd flashes. When the telescope and the team observe the lunar phenomenon, they'll compare their results to data from the European Space Agency, which also keeps a constant eye on the moon.

He adds that figuring out the source of the strange flashes makes sense now, given the resurgent interest in establishing a presence on the moon from government space agencies like NASA and private companies like SpaceX and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin. While the telescope is already in operation, more work remains to tweak the artificial intelligence and other software that'll help the system discern actual lunar transient phenomena from more mundane events like birds or airplanes flying in front of the cameras in Earth's atmosphere.

Kayal hopes to have the whole system dialed in and working on solving the mystery in about a year.

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Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It will take a few million years or so for the exomoon to completely wither away, according to the new research. Similar to how comets evaporate in our own Solar System, the exomoon is shedding solid material in the form of both small and large particles, Metzger told Gizmodo in an email. This is important because the large particles will be slowly dragged toward the star over the course of hundreds and possibly thousands of years, he said.

The Mysterious Student, Dieter Rams, and Cracking Global Markets - Chargebee’s SaaS Dispatch

And while we have yet to definitively prove the existence of exomoons outside of our Solar System, astronomers have good reason to believe our galaxy is absolutely teeming with them. The A. George Dvorsky.

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