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  1. N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Catalytic Organic Synthesis
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Schrock carbenes , named after Richard R. Schrock , are characterized by more nucleophilic carbene carbon centers, these species typically feature higher valent metals. N -Heterocyclic carbenes NHCs were popularlized following Arduengo's isolation of a stable free carbene in Often it is not possible to classify a carbene complex with regards to its electrophilicity or nucleophilicity. Fischer carbenes can be likened to ketones, with the carbene carbon being electrophilic, much like the carbonyl carbon of a ketone.

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Like ketones, Fischer carbene species can undergo aldol -like reactions. These complexes are nucleophilic at the carbene carbon atom. Schrock carbenes are typically found with:. Bonding in such complexes can be viewed as the coupling of a triplet state metal and triplet carbene.

N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Catalytic Organic Synthesis

These bonds are polarized towards carbon and therefore the carbene atom is a nucleophile. An example of interest in organic synthesis is Tebbe's reagent.

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N -Heterocyclic carbenes NHCs are particularly common carbene ligands. In fact many NHCs are isolated as the free ligand, since they are persistent carbenes. Continuing with this analogy, NHCs are often compared with trialkyl phosphine ligands. Like phosphines, NHCs serve as spectator ligands that influence catalysis through a combination of electronic and steric effects, but they do not directly bind substrates.

Carbene radicals [10] are long-lived reaction intermediates found with: [11] [12] [13]. The main applications of metal carbenes involves none of the above classes of compounds, but rather heterogeneous catalysts used for alkene metathesis in the Shell higher olefin process.

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A variety of related reactions are used to interconvert light alkenes, e. Carbene-complexes are invoked as intermediates in the Fischer—Tropsch route to hydrocarbons. A variety of soluble carbene reagents, especially the Grubbs' and molybdenum-imido catalysts have been applied to laboratory-scale synthesis of natural products and materials science.

In the nucleophilic abstraction reaction, a methyl group can be abstracted from a Fischer carbene for further reaction. Diazo compounds like methyl phenyldiazoacetate can be used for cyclopropanation or to insert into C-H bonds of organic substrates. These reactions are catalyzed by dirhodium tetraacetate or related chiral derivatives. Such catalysis is assumed to proceed via the intermediacy of carbene complexes. The characterization of CO 5 W COCH 3 Ph in the s is often cited as the starting point of the area, [17] although carbenoid ligands had been previously implicated.

Ernst Otto Fischer , for this and other achievements in organometalic chemistry, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


Transition metal Organometallics In Organic Synthesis - 2nd Edition

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Carbene -metal Carbene Complex -Coordination Chemistry

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2nd Edition

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