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Bonding With Inmates
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After Burlap is the New Stripe starts and you finish talking to Handsome Jacques in the prison yard, look at the wall that was to your back when talking to Jacques. You will see a brick in the wall that you can interact with, which then gives you the note, Notes found in the Toussaint prison. Read it to learn another inmate is looking for a hammer and chisel.

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To get the items, head over to the wagon underneath the gallows and loot it. Then simply go back to the brick and place the hammer and chisel in it. Now, you can either choose to meditate ahead 7 days or continue the main quest. At a certain point, a week will automatically go by and you'll be let go.

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She has a scheduled court date of May Like…I want to be back to how I was before. I always do this to myself. Katrina Haslam, 24, was serving out a seven month sentence for driving on the wrong side of the road, causing a deadly accident, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and vandalism.

During season one, Temme received approval to be released into the general prison population. She is still serving out her sentence. While on the show, Temme revealed that both of her parents were 13 years old when she was born.

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Despite her harsh upbringing, Temme maintained that she held responsibility for her actions. She was sentenced to seven years in prison, and is eligible for parole in That older man, along with two other family members, ended up being killed.

During the first episode, Beason received the unfortunate news of finding out her parole had been placed on hold. Beason also acknowledged how her prison time has negatively affected her marriage, causing a strain both financially and emotionally.