Guide Among the Iranians: A Guide to Irans Culture and Customs

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  1. 5 Persian Customs to Know Before Visiting Iran
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  3. Is Iran Safe? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Persian Marriage Ceremony.

Kaiserreich Guide - Iran (Persia)

Persian Wedding Ceremony. Pagosha , Persian Wedding Customs. Honeymoon , Persian Wedding Customs. Leave us a message. Posted By: Saba Bahadori. Previous Post. Next Post. About Author. Saba Bahadori This is Saba an Iranian girl who is proud of her country. The mysterious masked women of Iran how to wear a scarf on your head?

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Taarof: to accept or not to accept! That’s the question!

Your Message. Your Name. Your Email. Noted garden writer, designer, historian, and lecturer Hobhouse traces the evolution of the Persian garden and its impact, combining impressive scholarship with a gardener's practical insights. Her portrait of life in and around what is now Iran viewed through the prism of its gardens spans two and a half millennia and touches on virtually every major civilization. In this mostly arid region, gardening was synonymous with water. It was so important that Cyrus the Younger ranked the management of that resource one of "the noblest and most necessary pursuits.

Numerous photographs, diagrams, and reproductions illuminate her descriptions, and the timeline of the Royal Houses of Persia, glossary of Persian terms, a listing of Persian plants and exhaustive bibliography will be helpful for casual readers, garden designers and scholars alike. Curiously, despite Hobhouse's acute sense of the region's geography, the only two maps included are inadequate; a detailed topographic view of the area would have been welcome.

Still, this is a dazzling look at the evolution of a beautiful and peaceful tradition. In the intervening years, Iran has experienced a bitter war with Iraq, the transformation of society under the rule of the clergy, and, more recently, the expansion of the state and the struggle for power between the old elites, the intelligentsia, and the commercial middle class.

The author, who is one of the most distinguished historians writing on Iran today, is a compassionate expositor. It is to them and their resilience that this book is dedicated, as Iran emerges at the beginning of the twenty-first century as one of the most powerful states in the Middle East.

5 Persian Customs to Know Before Visiting Iran

Best books to read before you travel to Iran. The elderly should always be respected, listened to and treated correctly, therefore, when an older person enters the room you should stand up and offer your seat.

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  5. Discover the rich history, language and culture of Iran!
  6. That will show your respect towards the elderly and of course when food and drinks are offered you should offer it to them before anyone else. Within the Iranian culture, there is some degree of masculinity, this is from a legal and cultural point of view. On the contrary with the more traditional older generation which has these rights and privileges in their system.

    Cultural analysis Iran Non verbal-communication In general within a high context culture such as Iran, the non-verbal communication aspect is vital. Therefore, one should be aware of not just the words used but as well the interpretation of the message on how it is conveyed. This is due to the fact that Iranians are very traditional people that make non-verbal communication essential in order to efficiently do business in Iran.

    The old traditional Iranians are conservative by nature and therefore, you should practice a degree of limitations when in public. Therefore, we will look deeper into the non- verbal communication topics that will be useful in order to succeed in business. Within the Iranian culture, the non-verbal communication is very extensive and multifaceted, it includes traits of proxemics, body language, eye contact and body gestures.

    Through the knowledge of these traits and gestures one can find out how close certain individuals are together or even the perception of the hierarchical power. The body contact with a free and open posture are generally seen as a norm, therefore, by conducting these it will not be as effective as it is in the western culture. Furthermore, gestures such as playful body contact or even pats on the back can be alleged to show a dominant message towards the individual, as a foreigner does this towards an Iranian business partner it can be very disrespectful.

    Additionally, in the Iranian culture there are some differences in head and hand gestures, in an example when one raises the head in a half nod it has the meaning of disappointment and lowering the head will be an expression of confirmation. Greetings are one of the first topics you will need to know when you are communicating with Iranians. Greetings between the same genders will be usually shaking hands, but once you meet someone in their house it's not uncommon to see two individuals of the same gender kissing on each others cheek. This is considered normal and has no sexual intention, although between men and women a greeting can be a handshake but that is based on the traditional type of greeting versus the more modern approach.

    Therefore, when in doubt you should always greet the opposite sex with a slight bow or a nod. Additionally, it is allowed to have eye contact among the same gender but try to avoid this with the opposite. Therefore once a person offers you a food or drinks or the other way around the individual might at first deny it due to the fact that it is a sign of kindness is unearned.

    However the refusal does not mean that they do not accept the gift or one should not accept the gift, they are just being modest by nature. Furthermore, some gestures that are offensive are, pointing at someone directly and thumb up. Pointing at someone directly is commonly showing disrespect and the showing a thumbs up is a sign of being aggressive.

    These simple non-verbal communication techniques are necessary to know in order to succeed with negotiations. Hofstede analysis Iran The cultural dimensions of Hofstede are a great summary to analyze the important differences between cultures. Therefore, we will use some of these dimensions in order to get a clear understanding of the Iranian culture.

    Power distance PDI this index signifies the level of equality within the society and the acceptance from the influential members of the organizations. Within the Iranian culture there always has been authoritarianism that is the base of the power distance, but the base of the power distance culture is also seen within the family structure in which the children are thought to obey authority.

    Although be aware that within the Iranian cultures there are many subcultures which have different PDI indexes in comparison to the work of Hofstede. Iran its collectivistic society is a part that preserves a long-term commitment to the members of the group could be a family, relationship and even commitment to work groups.

    As mentioned previously based on own experience and studies done by Javidan and Dastmalchian that Iran in overall has a masculine society. This is based on the traits of the Iranian society in general, which shows high assertiveness and competitiveness within the business context. This is based on the national traits shown by the society such as good personal business relationships as well concern for others.

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    Therefore, in overall it can be said that Iran has a masculine and feminine culture based on the type of activity. As within an organization the leadership styles might show characteristics of a feminine culture, on the contrary when doing business with Iran it will definitely be a more masculine culture. Therefore, Iran has strict rules for belief and behavior and they are not very open towards untraditional behavior and ideas. These strict rules towards beliefs behaviors and ideas are there to reduce the uncertainty in overall.

    Although based on the studies of Javidan and Dastmalchian , Iran shows low uncertainty avoidance. This is mainly because there research states that some rules of beliefs and behavior are often ignored to improve or protect certain individuals or businesses in particular activities.

    Hall analysis Iran Based on the analysis of Edward T hall, cultures are classified within a high context or a low context. In order to get a good understanding of the techniques used by Iranians for communication and negotiations, the cultural aspect of the language is vital.

    Cultures with a high context are usually highly language oriented, however, they are considered to have uncertainty within their communication. Therefore, cultures with a high context are reliant on additional communication in order to transfer the true meaning.

    On the contrary Languages with a low context culture often related with western cultures, here the main key is what you see is what you get. This model of Hall is essential In order to effective communicate and negotiate with the Iranians because these type of communications are vague by nature.

    Is Iran Safe? Here's Everything You Need To Know

    The Persian language Pharci is the core of the Iranian character. The Iranian language, in general, contains many dimensions by itself, it is a language that is very indirect and excessive. Therefore, when doing business with the Iranian businessmen, one must have the capability to use speech in a clever but not to obvious way.